Howard Berkman Memorial Stage Dedication

Howard Berkman Memorial Stage Dedication

Sunday September 25,  4:30 pm
Town Park Stage

Many of us have enjoyed musical events, theatrical performances, family gatherings, memorials, and numerous other activities around the Town Park Stage for more than 10 years now. On Sunday, September 25 the Town Park Stage will be officially named the Howard Berkman Memorial Stage, after a man who played on the stage many times, and influenced the musical culture of Paonia. A brass plaque will be installed on the stage, to commemorate Howard’s gifts.

Howard Berkman was one of the most prominent musicians in the area for many years and was a great supporter of Mountain Harvest Festival. He charmed, rocked, and amused audiences at the festival for each of its first 11 years. Growing up in a musical family, he started playing at an early age and with his bands the Knaves, and Yama and the Karma Dusters. He shared the stage with many of the legendary blues musicians while growing up in Chicago. He later worked as a staff songwriter at Decca Records in Paris, France before moving to Colorado. In recent years his early recordings have been released by Sundazed Records and others. Howard spent his last decade as a beloved member of the Paonia music scene. Mountain Harvest Creative is proud to have helped make the naming of the stage after Howard possible and are pleased to see that his spirit and love of music will live on.

During the spring this year, Mountain Harvest Creative spearheaded a drive to upgrade and repair the stage. Due to the generous support of the local population, and lovers of Paonia and Howard – from as far away as Chicago and Texas – the fund raising efforts were a great success! Thank You to the following fine folks for you contributions!

  • Michele Champagne
  • The Howard Berkman Fund
  • Shirley Robinson
  • Charla Graham & Dave Miemeyer, (In memory of Dee Kropp)
  • Noelle A Haft
  • Alan Goldberg
  • Deborah Kimball
  • Kathy & Greg Thompson
  • Tamie Meck & Janie Mullikin (In memory of Dee Kropp)
  • Rick Stockton & Helen Highwater
  • John Gavan
  • Bobby Orlando
  • The Flying Fork
  • Gary Klepper
  • Valley Care Providers LLC
  • Sarah Bishop
  • Steve Smith
  • Liane Mattson & Neal Schwieterman
  • Jeff Galligan
  • Jeff Skeels
  • Mike Gwinn
  • Scott Wade 
  • Brenda Galloway
  • Dave Noe
  • Cari Johnson
  • Margot Richardson
  • Julia B. Goldberg
  • Brian Maul

This summer, the first phase has been completed! The floor of the stage has been repaired and strengthened for many years to come, and the wood structure has been re-stained. Additional improvements to the stage area are now planned. Stay tuned…